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Last Laugh (Revised)

This song is by Dover Drive.

Don't look back!

When you walked away
I never thought I'd have
The very last laugh
But now I'm laughing
Harder then ever
Because it's so convincing
Like the black words on a page when you said
Don't look back!

I just wanted to ask
Did you think this through?!?
Did you think that this would last?
Did you think this through?
I can see that this is over
So why can't you? ooh

Don't come crawling back
That just makes you look pathetic
When you said that we were through
And I believed you
No more playing with my mind
You can't cry wolf again this time
Your Screams are empty
And I Left this all behind
And I said
I'm not looking back

I hope that you realize
You didn't need me
?Its something more?
Did you think this through?
But now that it's over
And I can reflect
I'm not bitter at all

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