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True Love (Piano Duet)

This song is by Dove Cameron and Jordan Fisher and appears on the Disney soundtrack Liv and Maddie (2015) by Dove Cameron.

This song is a cover of "True Love" by Dove Cameron.
If I could do it all over
Maybe I'd do it different
Maybe I wouldn't be here
In this position

I found you, then I lost you
Looking back is torture
And it hurts to know I let you go
You live right around the corner

And I could've had it all, could've had it all

True love, I knew I had it
True love, was so hard to find
True love, if I could get it back
I'd never let it go this time

True love, is an inspiration
True love, it was mine oh mine
True love, yeah
I'd never let it go, I'd never let it go
I'd never let it go this time

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