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The Burial

This song is by Dougie MacLean.

Together to grieve, we carry him high
On shoulders of youth, to where the land meets the sky
A place is chosen and carefully prepared
A circle of stone to defend all the strength he shared

And now the old one has broken away
And now the old one has left with the dawn
And now the old one has broken away
Gone from the fire, his face from the glow
His light fades away but he still guides the way we should go

The stone is ready and waits for the word
A sacred symbol that is shouted but never is heard
Face the east with the shadows and lines
Carefully placed with the trust of the sacred signs

And now we place him in the womb of the land
The branch has broken and melts with the grain of the sand
Now he's lowered to sleep in the sun
Rest your head gently, the weary, the wise one

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