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Sleepy Toon

This song is by Dougie MacLean.

It happened at last whitsuntide I tired o' ma place
And I gaed up to imsch tae fee my fortune for tae chase

And sing irry irrity arry
And sing itty irrity an

I fell in wi' adam mitchell and wi' him I did presume
He's a fairmer up kinnethmont way at a place called sleepy toon

Says he if you'll agree wi' me ye'll get the fairest play
For I never gar my servants work mair nur ten hours a day

It was on a Monday mornin' we gaed into sleepy toon
And he's ranked us in good order for to lay his turnips doon

And the orders were to bed at six and never leave the toon
And for ilka time we left it we'd be fined half a crown

Ah but we paid lettle heed to this and often took the pass
Sometimes to buy tobacco and sometimes to court a lass

But now the term is roond again and our wages we hae won
So we're awa' to riny meer to rise us up some fun

And when we're ower in alford we'll gar the glass go roond
And we'll tell them o' the usage that we had in sleepy toon

And maybe I'll see old adam a-suppin' at his brose
I'll gie him a len o' ma hanky for to dicht his snotty nose

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