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Kelphope Glen

This song is by Dougie MacLean and appears on the album Singing Land (1985).

Sing no o' mountains and wild raging seas
Swift swelling torrents or cliffs grim and hie
But sing o' the burnies the hill shepherds ken
Sing o' the beauty of lone kelphope glen

I hae seen ye fair kelphope in the summers sae bricht
In the still autumn evenings by the harvest moon's licht
And when winter's brave tempest swept ower scourin den
And when spring blooms hae decked ye o lone kelphope glen

I hae gumped in your waters a bit callant at school
I hae sought oot the whaup's nests in moorland and hill
Through yer green paths I've wandered in the gloaming hours when
Love made twa hearts lighter in lone kelphope glen

No I hae left ye and my word I'm undee
In a far distant country across the grey sea
But wha'ever may befall me the kind oor send
That I am special see it o' lone kelphope glen

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