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I Lo'e Nae A Lassie But Ane

This song is by Dougie MacLean.

I lo'e nae a lassie but ane
And she lo'es nae a laddie but me
And I'm wantin' to mak' her my ain
And my ain she is wantin' to be

Let ithers brag weel o' their gear
O' their land and their lordly degree
Oh I care no' for aught but my dear
For she's everything lordly to me

Our lord has baith fellows and wealth
Oh but see how he's dwinin' with care
And though we hae got nothing but health
Aye we're cantie and hail ever mair

So lassie ne'er heed what they say
We hae something mair costly than gear
Every night we've got nothing to rue
Every morning we've nothing to fear

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