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Bonnie Woods O' Hatton

This song is by Dougie MacLean and appears on the album Singing Land (1985).

Ye comrades and companions and all ye females dear
To my sad lamentations I pray you lend an ear
For it's once I lo'ed a bonnie lass I lo'ed her as my life
It was my sole intention to make that girl my wife

I said "my dearest betsy when will you name a time
When you and I'll get married love and hands together join?
And you'll sit in oor wee cottage and you'll neither spin nor sew
While your own kind herted highland lad gaes whistling at the plough"

I courted wi yon bonnie lass for twelve months and a day
Sometimes among the green grass sometimes among the hay
And I courted her the leelong nicht and part o' the next day
Till she said "dearest sandy it's time you were away"

There's castom and there's caddom mills and leather mills likewise
Their woods and waters many more bring pleasure tae mine eyes
But the bonnie woods o' hatton they aye grow green in may
And it's there the bonnie lassie lived that stole my hert away

I'll speak aboot yon bonnie lass though she be far awa
I'll speak aboot yon bonnie lass tae those she never saw
And I'll tell them that I lo'ed her weel although she proved untrue
And left me doon by hatton woods my follies for to rue

But blessings on yon bonnie lass wherever she may be
I wish no evil unto her although she slighted me
I only hope some day that she might say before she dees
I wish I'd wed yon highland lad that sang so sweet to me

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