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Birnie Bouzle

This song is by The Tannahill Weavers.

Gin ye'll marry me lassie
At the kirk o' birnie bouzle
Till the day ye die lassie
Ye will ne'er repent it

Ye will gang sae braw lassie
Tae the kirk o' birnie bouzle
Little brogues an' a' lassie
Vow but ye'll be canty

Your wee bit tochter's a' but small
But hoddin grey will wear for tha'
I'll save my siller tae mak' ye braw
And ye will ne'er repent it

We'll hae bonnie bairns and a'
Some lassies fair and laddies braw
Like their mither ane and a'
And your faither he's consented

I'll hunt the otter and the brock
The hart the hare and heather cock
And pu' ye limpets frae the rock
Tae mak ye dishes dainty

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