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Still Can't Be Faded

This song is by Dougie D.

You hoes, still can not fade these G's
We be smoking and choking, and blowing on weed
Keeping my pistol cocked, when I ride in these streets
This nine with this beam, will put you bitches to sleep

(Dougie D)
You bitches, still ain't fucking around with the Dougie yeah
I keep it gangsta on my grind on my own, by myself
You pussy niggaz, is some bitches thinking I don't know
It's Dougie D I'm a guerilla hoe, and that's fa sho
I'm in the game, but ain't no games being played by me bitch
I GMS up on my hustle, hoe I'm getting rich
Grown man shit, bitch and you ain't fucking with it
Up on my pimping daddy, you niggaz'll never get it
I'm fucking with Mexican D, Grey D and that Bust Eye
Whenever I need me some weed, some lean-o when I ride
You motherfuckers got us wrong, bitch we Maab tied
My niggaz get shot and keep living, guerilla inside of em
Don't be mistaking and thinking, it's all fun and lies
I'm not in public, so I'm not a suspect when someone dies
You bitches can't fade me, I never will so bitch keep trying
You fucking with a heathen, and that's on my blood line

(Dougie D)
Yeah I told you bitches, bout this nine and this beam
Yeah I told you hoes, about fucking round with a G
I'm from the gutter, but the bayou where you will get found
With one hollow point in your head, and your dick and your mouth
It's Dougie D, and yeah you bitches gon respect it pimping
I'm from the streets, so bitch I'm gon have the streets repping with me
And don't be tripping, trying to act just like your gangstas thoed
I'll have you pussy niggaz, beheaded and discomposed
I told you motherfuckers what it is, I came it to wreck it
Fucking with me, I'll have you updating your dental records
Look I ain't trying to fuck with you boys, I'm a grown man
My 45 sit by my nuts, my 9's in my hand
Puffing on Bob Marley, waiting for y'all to act retarded
I put a bullet in your head, your bitch and your partnas
And I ain't gon tell you niggaz and bitches, no fucking mo'
That you will never ever, never ever fade me hoe

(Dougie D)
What's happening daddy, the Dougie D gon get it cracking
I'm acting badly with this red beam, on this pad is flashing
You niggaz is stankers, all be some bitch and scared to blaze
But you be talking all that shit to bitches, like you prayed
But you ain't know them bitches you capping to, is my hoes
I'll have 'em fuck you drug you, and whack you and take your do'
Cause look I'm gangsta bout my issue, bitch I'm organized
I told you fuckers, everything I do Maab tied
Look I got boppers posted up, with tackles stand with chopper
I got Columbians that tear the game, with game's impostles
And you don't wanna see the heathens, creep up out the slums
Up on that neek and nary, all the kinds of fucking drugs
You writing letters talking down, on Dougie from Dominguez
I guess you mad, because this Dougie isn't baby penis
And I ain't tripping with you bitch, you better watch your mouth
'Cause I'm a motherfucking G, I put that on the South

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