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​Blaze Up

This song is by Dougie D.

Blaze up and blow, blaze up and blow, blaze up and blow
Blaze up and blow, blaze up and blow
Got a swisher sweet cut it down the middle, fill and roll
Blaze up and blow, blaze up and blow

(Dougie D)
Right now, everybody trying to smoke some'ing
Give me a feeling, you let a nigga roll some'ing
Fuck it we can put it in the bong, do it just like Cheech and the Chong
Huffing and puffing, till our eyes shut
Cutting corners, in the LTD
It be, D-O to the you to the G-I-E
Dash G-M double A-B
Smoking and choking, on nothing but the finest of good green
Inhale, hold up for a second exhale
A beautiful aroma, that everybody could smell
Call matching when I get your dome, wait put 'em in
Brothers made, for the women as well
From the earth to my lungs, from my lungs to the wind
Wait a few minutes, the feeling's start to kicking on in
Yes indeed, real real good weed
With no stick, no stems and no seeds

(Dougie D)
I know something, that you don't know
I got a ounce, and a half and a bag of blow
Fuck it, let's take a journey over to the sto'
Get up out these boxes up off, and then we can roll
Just you and me, that's all that's smoking
Call a few bitches, so we can get this thang open
Get 'em tripping, and laughing at all of my jokes and
Two of them betas, wanted Dougie D to go poke em
Hol' on boo, bitch I'm trying to blaze right now
And I'm really not concerned, with your pussy anyhow
All I want is a shot of that mouth, I skeet in her mouth
And back to the gutter, where I'm making my route
'Cause I'm a mob made mo'fucker, in the air
It's a bird it's a plane, hell naw
That's Dougie D, getting gone on that good ass green
How many times, I'ma have to tell y'all

(*Cheech and Chong*)