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You Still Got Me

This song is by Doug Supernaw and appears on the album You Still Got Me (1995).

I just called to say hello, I hope everything's all right Me, I'm doing fine,
But I still can't sleep atnight. I finally had a good day just last week. At
Least the best one since you've gone. But it kills me when I hear " When's
Mamma coming home?"

And I know that there are some things. You fill the you've been missing.
I tried to be your Superman I've done all I can. Still you feel the need to spread
Your wings but darling if your listening. When the world an't all you thought it would
Be. You still got me.

I live every day a lie and I tell the kids that it's all right. And I see a lot
Of you in them when I tuck'em in at night. I try hard not to be to weak
For one of us must be strong. And it kills me when I'm there lying all alone

You still got me

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