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We're All Here

This song is by Doug Supernaw and appears on the album You Still Got Me (1995).

Writers: Doug Supernaw/Allen Huff/Kenny King/Justin White IV/Don Crider

Well it's good to have ol' Bob back
For a while we though he'd found his mind
But all he found was heartache outside these walls
From friendly consolation to total humiliation
He ain't fit for the real world, no not at all
Bill tired to escape us
His new wife thought he'd walk the line
But she walked in to find him here almost every time
She had him committed
But this jury is acquitted
Any wrong that might have come from doin' right

And we're all here, 'cause we're not all there
Some ramble aimlessly, some sit and stare
But there's one thing that we all share
We're all here, 'cause we're not all there

As for me I feel at home here
And I like the folks who care for me
'Cause they don't care if I'm half the man I used to be
It's not your normal institution
Just a run down bar in Houston
With a sign on the door that proudly reads

We're all here, 'cause we're not all there

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