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​She Never Looks Back

This song is by Doug Supernaw and appears on the album You Still Got Me (1995).

Writers: Jim Lauderdale/Frank Dycus

I always tried to tell her 'bout the rearview mirror
But she just wouldn't ever take a peek
She said there's no need lookin' where you've already been
When you've headed down a one-way street

There's n need thinkin' 'bout calling up he mother
Ain't no way she's ever comin' home
When it comes to finding trouble she won't have any trouble
'Cause she doesn't do no time alone

She never looks back, just straight a head
When she says she's leavin' believe what she said
She never looks back that's a cold, hard fact
(She never looks back)
She never looks back

She must have been a pilot in a life before
'Cause she knows when it's time for her to bail
There's no point in chasing after her anymore
She says we're guaranteed to fail!

(She never looks back)
She never looks back

Yeah, she's gone!