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Texas Ranger Man

This song is by Doug Sahm and appears on the album Texas Rock For Country Rollers (1977).

She was a little honey pisces met at a place called seven seas
Look in her eyes said "I wanna go home with you"
She was electric and I was stoned sho' didn't want to spend the night alone
But her father was a Texas ranger man
I had a reputation in the town loved all the girls from miles around
Knew he wadn't gonna take too hot to me

Texas Ranger Man I love your daughter
Texas Ranger Man I want to make love to her
Under the Texas moonlight tonight ah ah

Set in my place full of chiggers and fleas
It'll bring you to your knees
You know how it is in Texas in the summertime
So we strolled on out to the barn sure didn't mean this girl no harm
Pretty soon we was floatin' in ecstasy
Somethin' appeared over me, the biggest man I ever did see
He said, "Son, what have you got to say?"


I've got six kids and a call that's due
Nobody even brings us the news
Little girl is sitting right next to me
Papa comes around about supper time
To drink a whole lot of beer and wine
He said, "Son, I'm glad your smart and stayed here with me

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