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The World's Greatest Entertainer (1988)Edit

  • (with the Get Fresh Crew)
Doug E. Fresh - The World's Greatest Entertainer

The World's Greatest Entertainer

  1. Guess? Who?
  2. Every Body Got 2 Get Some
  3. D.E.F. = Doug E. Fresh
  4. On The Strength
  5. Keep Risin' To The Top
  6. Greatest Entertainer
  7. I'm Gettin' Ready
  8. Cut That Zero
  9. The Plane (So High)
  10. Ev'rybody Loves A Star
  11. Crazy 'Bout Cars
  12. Africa (Goin' Back Home)

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Other SongsEdit

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  1. All Cried Out Redux
  2. Breath Of Fresh Air
  3. Doug E. Got It Goin' On
  4. Freak It Out!
  5. I-Ight
  6. Keep It Going
  7. La Di Da Di feat. MC Ricky D aka Slick Rick
  8. Let Me Clear My Throat
  9. The Plane
  10. The Show

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