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The Sun

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars and appears on the album Dead & Alive (1994).

Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha!
Lust crazed and under-aged in teenage rampage
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about shit
Bible bashing horror story, bible bashing, whorish Tory
Milords ladies, ladies milords!
Public virtue, private vice, animal sacrifice
Muslim terror, horror in the air
And Kylie is an alien!

Transvestite in the House of Commons
Margaret Thatcher witches coven, I told you not to do that Dennis
A journey to Hell through a virgin bloodbath
I was a teenage twelve year old
Tie me up and tease me, rubber please said specialist
Athlete fails drug test, trio in a love nest
Kylie is a brussel sprout

Reform girls eat castrated cocker spaniel,
Minister in panty raid, schoolgirl scandal
Pervert, vandal, impaled on the handle,
Bug eyed fruit loops, we are at war with evil,
We are at war with evil, we are at war with evil. Gotcha!

Here comes the Sun
The Guardian and the Truth
The Herald the Times
Delivered to me and you
I read it all in letters ten foot tall
The news of the newspaper writing on the toilet walls

Siamese twins in incest torture chamber
Hurt me, hurt my brother, just hurt my brother
Herbal remedy for terminal cancer
Midget doctor, cesarean catastrophe
Test tube baby turns to black tar algae
I didn't mean to hurt her the bastards forced me
Acupuncture proved to be cure for hemophilia
'What the fuck are you doing!'
'I'm trying to help'
Kylie has a sister - DANNII! ARGGGHH!

Quiet student real life pantyhose serial killer
Norman, Norman, act like a man!
Violent sex crime and a cannibal dinner
It puts the lotion on its skin and puts it in the basket
Dwarf and giant in dirty sex video
Man dies of rust after eating auto,
Polygamy for larger lout...
My best friend is a brussel sprout
Kylie is a poofter and Jason is a hetro

Boy, 5, gives birth to deformed older brother
Maltese girl, 13, great great grandmother
Sewerage system feeds a two-headed monster
Medal of honor for an armless butcher.
We are at war with evil we are at war with evil. Gotcha!

Here comes the Sunday sport the news of the world
The page three lady, she's a big, big girl.
I read it all in letters ten foot tall
The views of the newspaper smearing shit down toilet walls
Through the halls, across the floor,
Smearing the shit over us all. huh huh gotcha!

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