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Dead Elvis

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars and appears…

I was floating through the cemetery late last night,
When I saw a ghost who was out of sight.
He said 'Down in the graveyard there's a party going on,
So get down, get down, six feet and sing a spiritual song.
Everyone's invited, we would be delighted,
If you'd grab your favorite corpse and come along.'

You don't move your arms and you don't move your legs,
You just do the do the dead Elvis.
You don't grind your pelvis,
It's the dance of the dead,
C'mon and do the do the dead Elvis.

You're old hound dog's sniffing at your tomb,
Trying to find a bone that ain't been consumed.
You can't jailhouse rock in your blue suede shoes,
When you do do do the dead Elvis.

I'll bet you're lonesome tonight in your hole in the ground,
Old Shep's so shook up that he pissed on your crown.
No one's crying in the chapel, get wise, get hip,
There's some pretty heavy shit going down- YOU'RE IT!
Priscilla was delighted, all Dallas was invited,
To poke fun at your corpse and kick your dog.

You don't move your arms and you don't move your legs,
You just do the do the dead Elvis.
It was a terrible day when you had your cardiac arrest,
They tried to find your heart but couldn't cut through the flesh.
You can't Viva Las Vegas when there's no viva left,
C'mon and do do do the dead Elvis.

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