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Cosmic Cowboys

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars.

'Weird Lady'

It's written in blood, in the Book of Revelations
A passage that predicts the fate of all nations
Chapter 12, verse 5, speaks of the comet
That sets the world on fire, she goes up like a junk-heap
There's flames across the sky, eight miles high
If you listen to the wind then you can hear the angels cry

Yippee-I-aye-Basra, Makar
Yippee-I-oh-Basra, Makar
We are the cosmic Cowboys of doom,
'Hey-ar, hey-ar'
Riding high on the saddle of a B-52
We've got the wind out our tail, we can't lose
Don't stop us or we're gonna drop the bomb
Yippee-I-aye-Basra, Makar
Yippee-I-oh-Basra, Makar

'I am the cow of the apocalypse, beware my throbbing teats of doom. Get back humanity I am lactating disaster upon thee!'
'One, two Freddie's coming for you, three, four Freddie's at the door'
'Five, six Freddie can't pick up sticks'
'Seven, eight Freddie can't masturbate'
'No wonder he's so tense, and orange'

The triple breasted whore, the mother of abomination
Gives suck to the Antichrist to destroy the 12 foundations
The bride wears a gas mask, the groom is De Golem
While the seventh seal is broken and Jerusalem has fallen
We're wretched and miserable, poor, blind and naked,
If the Lord God had patience, then perhaps he could have waited

Yippee-I-aye-Basra, Makar
Yippee-I-ooh-Basra, Makar
We are the three horsemen of the Apocalypse
With the blood of the prophets, fresh on our lips
'I'm Hawk'
'I'm Little Joe'
'And I'm Long Green'
We've got the wind at our tails we can't lose
Don't stop us
Or we're gonna drop the bomb

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