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Commies For Christ

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars and appears on the album Icon (1990) and on the album The Last Concert (1994).

My tag's Tall Tim
(No need to shout)
I said that's my name
(So don't wear it out)
You see me here, I'm running hot
I'm a juicy hamburger 'cause I got the lot
I got a bone the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Only one thing, I want your sex

My name is Tricky Ricky, if the situation's sticky
Then I'm your man, I got a plan
I used to be a brickie
I don't give a damn about what you say
And if you don't like that you'd better walk this way
(Rock it Tricky Ricky, gonna rock it to the left
Rock it Tricky Ricky, gonna rock it to the right)

My name is Paul, I'm the best of all
'Cause I'm in your face like a can of mace
(Oh shit!)
I'm a groove lick, love child, king of the verse
You mess with me lord, you leave in a hearse

Your God is a nothing God
Is a mealy mouthed God
Is a weak arsed God
My God is a really tough God
Is a straight line God
Is a good ole boy
Your God drinks peach nectar
Eats boiled fruit
Can't fart out loud
My God arm wrestled Khruschev
Eats meat, farts with pride

Hey, Hey
Commies for Christ
Hammers and sickles and the word's not flesh - it's steel
Commies for Christ
'Cause he's the man that carved the lamb - and made us feel
Commies for Christ
I'm having a sexual fling with a red under my bed
Commies for Christ
Drank too much altar wine, it's gone straight to my head
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Take Marx, take Christ, take dr dr dr dr dr drugs

My God is a vengeful God
Is Cecil B. de Mille
He kills for the fun of it
(Rep rep repetition, rep rep repetition, yo, yo)
Your God been around for too long
Can't get down, is an aging hippy
(Hippy, hippy, skippy, skippy)
(Tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch)

God, Hey
Commies for Christ
Go get some long knives to carve up these loaves and fishes
Commies for Christ
Support the cause or else someone could get vicious
Commies for Christ
'Cause he's the word you've heard - The truth, the light, the way
My God ain't risen, 'cause he's sleepin' in today
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Take Marx, take Christ, take drugs
Commies for C C C CC CCC Coca-Cola

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