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Carnal Carnival

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars.

The carnal carnival is in town
I think I'm going down (we will)
The sexual festival's such a thrill
It makes me just want to kill kill kill kill kill kill
I love the perfume round your hips
The way you flirtify your lips
I hear the zipper unzip
Feel the flesh start to rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip
You've got to stand up and be counted
Or lie down and be mounted
You've got no choice, you've got to use your voice
Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Fornicators freaks and sodomites
Transexuals and transvestites
Homo, hetero or confused
Bisexual, used and abused
Vestetiny is here
Sadomasochistic fun is here
Sex is sin, sin is fun
Come one, come all, in the end just COME
You've got to ... move into the centre, or
Or just break, and enter
We wanna reach your mind
But through your behind
The panic of seduction
The act of reproduction
Now you're back in the sack
You must describe your function
The fuck truck, the root ute
A hip hop not shock; you fist descrete, you need
Release, not just another pit-stop. Big breast,
Sunken chest, are you better than the rest, what's your
Measurement, baby can we make a test,
How much have you spent, is your arse up for rent, are you blonde or
Brunette or is it ginger ginger, have you been experienced or are you a
Beginner, your salivating now 'cause you're up against the wall, the pitcher's
On the mound so grab the bat and let's play ball, let's play ball, let's
Play ball, let's play ball.
You've got to be loud and be proud now or
Lie nude in the crowd now
I want your touch
Let's get down and Ya ya ya ya ya
Ya ya ya ya ya
Ya ya ya ya ya
Ya ya ya ya ya
You've got to STOP!

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