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​Paper Planes Freestyle

This song is by Double Cuzins.

August ?92, that's when I got my name,
Now I'm making hits, aiming for the hall-of-fame,
478, y?all others so lame,
Come see how we do it, we just handle the game,
These artificial boys, see, they just gone hate,
They needa come around and see how natural tastes,
One hundred percent, authentic,
She said she wanna rapper, so I gave her a lick,
'Cause I fly like paper, get high like planes,
White boy killing, like I'm Yung Cocaine,
Lucifer, I'll heat her,
Cook her like my supper, and I'll eat her,
Meet me in my city, that's where I prefer,
Hop on a track, grim reaper,
I kill it when I speak, that's a silent sleeper,
And all I wanna do, never mind it's her turn,

For this second verse, I had to bring another hearse,
Gotta revive the track, so I brought me a nurse,
Y?all OD?d, on Nicholas,
I can't help it, I'm stunnalicious,
When I hear the snare, I'm Devil vicious,
Clap and a kick, then turn malicious,
Throw the melody, I'm ambitious,
Eat whack rappers, how nutritious,
I'm number one, who the fuck disagrees,
Try it on me, I freeze ya up like ten degrees,
Come around here, then shit change,
Look me in my eye, you ain't even in my range,
I do this for everybody that supported me,
And if you don't like it then death to the,
I show love, never do I hate,
But for y?all that do, MIA tell their fate,