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Mommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy

This song is by Dottie West and appears on the album Suffer Time (1966) and on the album The Essential Dottie West (1996).

Come here my precious little boy mommy loves you so
We've got big things to talk about some things you have to know
And though you're only four years old I know you understand
That from now on you've got to be mommy's little man
Your daddy left for good today but we'll make it just the same
And pretty soon we'll both forget we even wear his name
(Please mommy can I still call him daddy I know he's treated us so bad
Please mommy can I still call him daddy for he's the only daddy I ever had)
Now sweetheart you must forget 'cause he doesn't love you like before
But knowin' that he doesn't care just makes mommy love you more
So come on now and lets be big and strong and please please don't cry
'Cause he doesn't deserve your tears
'Cause when he left he didn't even say you goodbye
(Please mommy can I still...)