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I Don't Wanna Play House

This song is by Dottie West and appears on the album What I'm Cut Out To Be (1968).

This song is a cover of "I Don't Wanna Play House" by Tammy Wynette.
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I Don't Wanna Play House
Today I sat alone at my window and I watched our little boy outside at play
With the little girl next door like so many times before
But something didn't seem quite right today
So I went outside to see what they were doing
And then the teardrops came my eyes would lame
'Cause I heard him name the game and I hung my head in shame
When I heard our little boy say to her
(I don't wanna play house I know it can't be fun
I watched mommy and daddy and if that's the way it's done
I don't wanna play house it makes my mommy cry
'Cause when she played house my daddy said goodbye)
(I don't wanna play house...

Written by:

Billy Sherrill Wikipedia16; Glenn Sutton Wikipedia16