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I Want

This song is by Dorrough.

I want [10x]

Make my list, check my list, prime time click we gon do it lyk dis . need a pretty, fine, yellow bone, thick . to amped up w her hair _____.

[Chorus] all I want for christmas is a bunch of bitches under my tree sorted for the smallest to the thickest and I don't want no drama from my baby momma . oh I want [6x] that's all I want.

I want Keisha Cole, or a look-a-like if not that well then get me right its probly one of Tyra Banks models I can freak with or a my size Beyonce doll I can sleep with . I don't wnt a laptop, no, I want a lap dance upside down, what?!, on a hand-stand from a lesbo and her girlfriend . _________ with the double ___ twins . I want the fresh prince age 25 me alone and a stripper ass naked with some heels on, or a plus size chick so thick with an ass so big you would think she need a bigger thong . Mrs. Santa Claus, but not chubby . I want me a freak, but she can't be ugly . face lyk Mya, ass lyk buffy with boy shorts on sayn 'Mrs. Yeah Buddy"

I wanna wake up christmas morning with some weed in the bed . well I hope my baby girl ain't peed in the bed . I love hood chicks but I want somethin' different lyk Kim Kardash with some weave in the head . a bang grow milf and a desperate housewife that will let a niqqa cut lyk a new house knife . I wanna test measures from the toy you betta say lemme hit her with this motorcyle ____ pipe . man this true, I wana see somethin' new lyk a west coast crip and a red dickie soon . this the D*O*double R the new tranporter . the new niqqa in tha hood to fuck santa claus daughter.

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