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I'll Never Stop Loving You

This song is by Doris Day and appears on the album Love Me Or Leave Me (1955) and on the compilation album 16 Most Requested Songs (1992).

This song has been covered by Nancy Wilson under the title "I'll Never Stop Loving You".
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I'll Never Stop Loving You
I'll never stop loving you
Whatever else I may do
My love for you
Will live 'til time itself is through

I'll never stop wanting you
And when forever is through
My heart will beat
The way it does each time we meet

The night doesn't question the stars
That appear in the skies
So why should I question the stars
That appear in your eyes?

Of this I'm more than just sure
My love will last and endure
I'll never
No, I'll never stop
Loving you

Written by:

Sammy Cahn and Nicholas Brodzsky

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