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This song is by Dope and appears on the album Group Therapy (2003).

"It's paranoia.. it's just paranoia"
... Not if they are after me its not! fuck off!

You say I'm paranoid
Isn't that what you said
You say it's my imagination
And I'm fucked in the head

And it's easy to see
Well is it really paranoia
Or is somebody after me

Is this going down... down

Or is it
Para-fuckin-noia driving me insane
Para-fuckin-noia ripping up my brain
Is it para-fuckin-noia making believe
It's either para-fuckin-noia
Or somebody's after me

And don't believe what you hear
You say I'm miscommunicated
And it's all in the clear

Like a polaroid
And its so easy to see
Well is it really paranoia
Or is somebody after me

Am I freaking out... out
Is this going down... down

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