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Little Fish

This song is by Dope.

The first time was long ago
It first hurt then I began to roll
The last time was an hour or so
It's that time & I wanna go
I've seen inside of me
This side is everything
I've seen & I'm gonna be
Fuck Rehability
I'm sick or so you say
Live life just for today
It's my life don't fuck with me
Don't tell me what you think
I don't need it
When I was a little fish I would swim through all of this
One time 'bout a year ago
I flat lined but I didn't go
I came late but I made the show
If I didn't tell you, you'd of never known
I've seen so much of thee
Governments hypocrisy
I've laughed at all of thee
Suggested remedies
Methadone at 17
Left Betty Ford to drink
I'll trip on anything
Send me to see a shrink
I don't need it
It's that time I don't wanna go
Showtime after the show
Rather pass out on the floor
Goes along with rock'n'roll
I've seen 'bout everything
Sex, drugs, sobriety
Been treated for disease
And I've pissed off everything
Accuse me of anarchy
I don't care what you think
I say fuck conformity
I say fuck the USA
I don't need it

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