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Venus Day

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Torn out of balmy dreams, into mourning sunbeams
Instant coffee deep black, light my last cigarette
Can't we stretch all short hours and crush all fears
Just a little to get off the ground
Drifting on candle power to dry the tears
Rocket high, don't look down, no!

Eternal Venus day
Time is just a thief caught by mistake
So many days today
A planet versus hell, uneven game

Viscous time warp, larghetto, slow down
Jet lag rhythms beyond all bearing heat
Float above vestal lava with no sound
Scorching earth, I am God, God!

...A game so strange...
...Uneven game...
...A game so strange...
...On Venus day...

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