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Valiant Child Of War

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Warrior, hold on and mind the call
Way too many of you simple-hearted angels will fall

Soldier boy, are you dreaming
'Bout your love while the sirens are screaming?
Swollen eyes, red with weeping
Tired of pain as you long for returning

Whining child, are you crying?
You believe that you're ready for dying
Memories of her desire
Fade away like roses in fire

Prayers to the Lord don't pay nothing in this war
The storm inside your destiny
Blows your soul so cold and sore

Warrior, your sword's of rusty steel
Fallen warrior, before defeat you kneel
Weary warrior, your armour shines away
Valiant child of war, shine on another day
Just one day

My steel, my power, so strong to smash thy towers
The brave will rejoice, fall without any choice
I kill for glory, I spill the blood, pray for me
Renounce, surrender, set my spirit free

Fight eye to eye, guess who's the enemy
The battle of the innocent
The war of unknown men

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