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The Cross

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Hidden chapel... face the eyes of cold gazing strangers
Staring at the sin
Once again I... I hate to sing with the angels
The ancient songs of what we have seen

If we had known 2000 years ago
The consequence remains evermore
No gift to save, we're watchers of dismay
Repeat the gathering, we gather again

The cross still stands for pain
We trip down memory lane
Damnation's warning one more day
The cross burns in old fire
On a ghost ship led by martyrs
Could blindness soothe the ache?

Corpus Christi, I am paralysed so I'm guilty?
Don't put the blame on me
Done again... I hate to gape at the dying
I hate to be the mirror of the slain

We might have seen the shots on Kennedy
It's hard to stand before a widowed bride
Atlantic Sea, your victims' agonies
Were swallowed by our eyes of decease

...Watching, beholding, reflecting the pain...

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