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Sleep With The Devil

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Displaced emotion on crucial days
Claim for devotion just for God's sake
Refuse and whine in doom

To sate the overlord is no evil thing
Serve up your feeble horde, those something beings
Between her thighs I rule

Betray this worthless place
Escape to meet your fate

Sleep with me, angel
Believe or decay
Don't play with damnation
This price must be paid

Darling of fortune, don't roll the dice
I'm not your bridegroom, I'm just your guide
Lay down, bear up against pain

Be brave and be my slave
Come, bleed with lust and greed

Sleep with me, angel
To shine is to stand
And juggling salvation
Will not lend a hand

Defense, lament, the sense, intense
Intense the glance, revenge, condemned
The stand, the lamb
Who's sent this gent?
Who's sent the end?
The end... the end...

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