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Shine On Sad Angel

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Red clouds strike the oceans, awaiting the dawn
Decay in slow motion, the ultimate storm
Forsaken, abandoned, so lost and forlorn
The fading horizon devours the sun

Hide your tears these days
Shine on sad angel, shine on
Spread your wings and pray for saving grace, oh pray

The deserts catch fire, God whispers " fate..."
The flames, burning higher, they open the gates

Leave the shores of pain, leave the misery
And we pray, oh, we pray
Soundless we will fly far beyond the skies
As we die... as we die...

Stumm I'm schattenreich
Die fluegel schlagen weich
Die sehnsucht der vision
Mein traum, nur illusion
Verrat am eig'nen leib
Fuer uns're ewigkeit

Shine on sad angel, shine
My angel of all light, shine on

Soundless we will fly
Soundless we will die
Yes, we die, we die, we die, we die...

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