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A Room Without View

This song is by Doomshine and appears on the album Thy Kingdom Come (2004).

Dreams save my screen, canoe on smoothing streams
Pain miles away, I believe when I pray
Almighty dark shield, stay true blue
Patronize me in bloom

Peace on my path, there's no need to vent my wrath
Waves low enough, heavy gales not too rough
Erase the evil, the storm shall come
The world cools down

Nightfall, the visions are cruel
Lose all as the storm reconquers
You will fall
A room without view
Fate calls as your house of cards falls down

Golden rules leave you stranded
Timeworn boat on arctic seas
Sudden winds tease your canvas
You can't define your boundaries
Aimed shot in the dark
Strike white pointer sharks
You can't be free in misery
When dead angels cry
Master doom will shine
You can be free

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