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This song is by Doomed and appears on the compilation album Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell (2010).

Evil, wicked, distorted warped minds
Live amongst the human kind
Source of evil from below
Not from the church, or cathedral

Out in the fields they gather around
And form a circle for the mass
Worship demons. devils, darkness of the night,
You can hear them call

Hale Bahr Moth spirit of the dark
Take thou my blood, my flesh, my skin and walk
Holy Bahr Moth father of my life
Speak now, come now, rise now
From the forest, from the fallows, from the fields and live...

Sacrificial death by the cross
To strengthen the cult for further mission
To overtake the Churches of God
Replace with Evil and Hale Satan
Dying wil be done on earth
As it is in Hell...
So prepare to face your doom
'Cause no more I will tell...

Of the Witches

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