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Kill Me or I'll Kill Myself

This song is by Doomed and appears on the compilation album Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell (2010).

Temptation burning in me
To the point of madness,
I can't even see
My fuckin' mind is fed up
To which I want to die
My anger is intensified,
I don't even know why

I might just slice up my skin
Razor blade from head to toe
Lie in my bed
The blood gushes and flows
But then the splatter
Of my brains against the wall
Is such a work of art
When I slump and fall

Kill me
Or I'll kill myself
Why don't you kill me
Or I'll kill myself

When I'm dead and gone
You eat my shit
And go to fucking hell
Moronic worthless twit
Why don't you stiff me now
Drive a stake up my ass
Beat and club me down
Shred my body with glass

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