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Death Of Ferdia

This song is by DoomSword and appears on the album My Name Will Live On (2007).

On this bloodstained land
I will make my stand
And my honour will defend

Ferdia oh, my friend
This will be the end
When this spear will leave my hand.

Fight with me!
Choose your weapon today!
Let it be all or any, today you're both brother and prey

Draw your sword!
Cast your spear to me!
Ferdia! Come face your brother
Come face the Hound of Cullan!

I care not whether I die
Tomorrow or next year,
If my deeds live after me.

My soul dies here with you
Brother, see you
In Tir nan nOg.
My spear pierces your heart, and strikes mine twice as hard
Today, there will be no victory

Yet again, my brother,
My hands are covered in your blood
This time not to heal your wounds.

Fate wanted us to live as brothers
And die as foes
Woe onto Éireann, for the greatest of warriors has fallen.

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