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Hey Girl

This song is by Donny Osmond and appears on the album Portrait Of Donny (1972).

Hey Girl I want you to know
I'm going to miss you so much if you go ( Bye Bye Baby)
And Hey Girl I tell you no lies (Bye Bye Baby)
Something deep inside of me is going to die
You say so long
This is goodbye
Hey Girl this can't be true
(can't be true)
How am I supposed to exist without you
(without you)
Hey Girl now don't put me on
(don't put me on)
What's going to happen to me when your gone
Bye Bye baby
How will I live
(how will I live)
how can I go on
How can I go on
(how canI go without you)
(Bye Bye Baby)
And Hey Girl now sit yourself down
(sit down)
I'm not ashamed to get down on the ground
and beg you beg you to stay
oooh don't go away
(don't go please don't go)
Hey Girl (hey hey)
Please Please don't go away
( Please don't go)
Hey Girl (hey hey)

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