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The Water Turned To Ash

This song is by Donny Brook.

An aged bottle of dream
Adjusting to your need
I won't drink your water
Our tap flows clean
Your sore voice
Guides me to sleep again

Charcoal legends do not sleep
So pay the horde a toll to keep
If you pass through the blood mark gate
You'll see no ice on the boiling lake

Your sore voice guides me to sleep again(2x)

I won't drink your water
I refuse to drink your water
I refuse
Your sore voice

So when the banshee kissed the gold
After the torchlight burned the past
Their methods bought their secrets sold
Then the water turned to ash

Your sore voice guides me to sleep again(repeat chourus)

I refuse to drink
The water turned to ash

Vision you as the widow
Dressed in royalty
Motion me to the window
Count to three

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