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Mother Mantis Bloom

This song is by Donny Brook.

The star focused
Lenses on orchids
Black mantra
Bonds the mantis
To my friends

Teach me how to swing
So I can take out trash like you
The dragon snowed on your summer
Wild fires bloom
Where your gardens used to grow
I'll shed a tear for your mother
For she won't know

Batting lashes
Sift your ashes
Searching for the key
Purring for the seed
And your little red wagon
Throws it's temper tantrums
And give praises to your dreams

Teach me how to swing so I can ramble on with you (repeat chorus)
Your garden's burn in snow

Tell my mother that I am dead, I am dead
I'll be the sailing the ocean till the water is not such a dark shade of red
And when the Caiman Island spread
There's no way out brothers
No exit (3x) (repeat #2 chorus 2x)

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