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Cold Confusion

This song is by Donny Brook.

Blood bearing spore soaked mind field
Captain cap poisoned thought swirl
Skein jungle knot, skein Vacant proof, False truth;

Cold confusion, Cold confusion

A quest for knowledge that seems an inch out of reach
Depression steals dreams as broken hopes wash ashore on death's beach

On death's beach(3x)
Cold confusion(3x) cold confused

Rogue mobocratic silence
Disordered plot, sanity rot(2x) mystery mystery

Opinionated mental intrusion, a fitting stage for cold confusion
Opinionated mental intrusion

A silence sits alone from a lack of communication
A mind destroys itself in the hands of interpretation
A voice is downed by an opposition
An empty thought contains useless contradiction

On death's beach(3x)
cold confusion(3x) cold confused(repeat chorus A)
Depression steals dreams as broken hopes was ashore on death's beach ashore on death's.....

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