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Together Alone

This song is by Donnie Iris and appears on the album Together Alone (1999).

Because of our ties
We can't show each other how we feel tonight
So we'll go home
We'll each pour a glass of white
And we'll face the night

Together alone
Together alone
All we can be is
Together alone
Together alone
Together alone
We'll face the night
Together alone

There's a bright star out tonight
And I hope you see it too
From your bedroom window
If you do, look upon it and think of me
And I will think of you
And we'll drift off to sleep, baby
Together alone

Girl, do you believe in destiny?
I do believe that we're meant to be together
Oh girl, don't you see
That we will never be
Take a good look at me, baby
And these chains holding me

Together alone
We'll get through the night

We'll each pour a glass of white
And try to face the night
Together alone

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