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Ah! Leah! (Acoustic Version)

This song is by Donnie Iris and appears on the album Together Alone (1999).

Leah it's been a long long time
You're such a site you're
Looking better than a body has a right to
Dontcha know we're playing with the fire
But we can't stop this burning desire Leah

I see your lips and I wonder who's been kissing them
I never knew how badly I was missing them
We both know we're never gonna make it
But when we touch we never have to fake it Leah Leah Leah

Baby it's no good
We're just asking for trouble
I can touch you but I don't know how to love you
It ain't no use we're headed for disaster
Our minds said no but our hearts were talking faster Leah Leah Leah

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