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In Another World

This song is by Donna The Buffalo.

Rest my head on the big daddy
In another world made for me
In a lovin' style
On the voice of truth
In another world made for you

Funky children don't you give up the search
Yes this modern life has left us in the lurch
Left us in the lurch busy being destroyed
Were getting together and filling the void

In another world which we could slip
On the other side it's a sinking ship
Open the hatch it will make you smile
For the party's been going, going all the while
Going all the while with a head of steam
In another world made for you and me
Right here right now under the moon and the sun
In another world made for everyone

On the lighter side, we have the balance of existence
Doing chores washing dishes, fine pastry's and drinking tea
With this world I have not a problem, for these simple pleasures
Fill the valley of your soul, don't you know that we got to go
It's the sinnin? world, giving me the horror
Mindless alterations, of the natural way
Its cold in there and I would just assume rarely visit
Some where dawns a breaking, on a brighter day
In another world


Written by:

Jeb James Puryear

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