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They're Gonna Love It

This song is by Donna Jean Young, features Joanie Sommers and appears on the musical soundtrack On the Flip Side (1966).

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If you're in the mood for something different and new
There's a pants suit we have on sale and it's just made for you
- Oh no, what will the neighbors say?
Don't worry lady, they're gonna love it

There's a miniskirt that hardly covers your thighs
If you just pull your tummy in I'm sure it's just your size
- Oh no, what will my husband say?
Don't worry lady, he's gonna hate it

I know just what to do
And before I'm through
You'll be dressed right in fashion
- Do me a favor, don't do me favors please
I won't expose any part of you but your knees
It isn't very hard to become a mod
All you need is passion
- I've got passion to get rid of you

We have furs for fun in orange, purple and red
There's a wig on a mannikin that should be on your head
- Oh no, not even if it's free
Don't worry lady
- Oh please, people will laugh at me
Don't worry lady, they're gonna love it
They're gonna love it


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