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All Bets Are Off

This song is by Donkey Punch and appears on the album 8 Track (2002).

She always thought he'd have a reason
He thought it'd be easy to explain
She's asking for an explanation
He's not sure why, but he knows that he can't stay
She always thought she'd see it coming
He could see it from at least a mile away
And she's still waiting to hear something from him
She's getting tired of talking
He's running out of things to say
You can't predict the unpredictable
If you could I think you'd be miserable
You can't forget all the time you've spent
Learning what to do in case of another emergency
You've placed your bets taken your best guess
Turned the odds against yourself
It doesn't make much sense to me
Anticipation kills relationships before they've taken off
Please don't believe these things you see in your future
From this moment on, all bets are off
This time don't think it so much through
Forecasts won't last

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