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U Know What's Up

This song is by Donell Jones, features Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and appears on the album Where I Wanna Be (1999).

Ooh, say what, say what, say what
Ooh, girl you know what's up

(Verse one)
Me and my niggas be rollin'
Schemin' on you and your homies
The very first day of summer
All chromed out in a Hummer baby
Hit the park and parlay
Hopin' that you walk this way
Do you and your girls wanna ride
Play all day and puff on the la

I'm diggin' you and I'm feelin' u
U know what's up
Said I'm diggin' you I'm wantin' u
So tell me what's up

(Verse two)
Peep her thighs aand I'm zonin'
Right around two in the mornin'
Looking fly with a sundress on
Think I feel a bone comin' on
Girl you got me wide open
Waitin' all day and I'm hopin'
Baby don't front
Back seat Jeep, u know what I want

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