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My Heart

This song is by Donell Jones and appears on the album My Heart (1996).

Chorus:why you wanna play around with my heart
You make me feel like you care
Why you wanna play around with my heart
My love was there I thought that you cared.

Verse 1:Until that day you turned and walked away
Your love was special to me, my heart has fallen apart and I know
That your the one to blame
You said the love would never change
Then you go out and play

Verse 2: I never knew you could me through
All the pain that I feel, yeah
Sayin' sorry won't make it right
Because it will never be the same
Your the one to blame
Tell me why,
Tell me why your living a lie
You never really loved me, baby
And now my heart is falling apart
You should of told me from the start that you would break my heart

Repeat chorus to fade.

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