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My Heart (1996)Edit

Donell Jones - My Heart
My Heart
  1. In The Hood (Playas Version)
  2. Knocks Me Off My Feet
  3. No Interruptions
  4. Waiting On You
  5. I Want You To Know
  6. My Heart
  7. Yearnin'
  8. Wish You Were Here
  9. All About You
  10. You Should Know
  11. Natural Thang
  12. Believe In Me
  13. In The Hood (Remix)
  14. Don't Cry
  15. The Only One You Need

Where I Wanna Be (1999)Edit

Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
Where I Wanna Be
  1. U Know What's Up
  2. Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
  3. Where I Wanna Be
  4. Have You Seen Her
  5. This Luv
  6. All Her Love
  7. It's Alright
  8. Think About It (Don't Call My Crib)
  9. He Won't Hurt You
  10. Pushin'
  11. I Wanna Luv U
  12. When I Was Down
  13. U Know What's Up (Remix)

Life Goes On (2002)Edit

Donell Jones - Life Goes On
Life Goes On
  1. Still
  2. Put Me Down
  3. You Know That I Love You
  4. Where You Are
  5. Do U Wanna
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Freakin' U
  8. Gotta Get Her (Outta My Head)
  9. Guilty By Suspicion
  10. Don't Leave
  11. Comeback
  12. I Hope It's You

Journey Of A Gemini (2006)Edit

Donell Jones - Journey of a Gemini
Journey of a Gemini
  1. Special Girl
  2. Better Start Talking
  3. I'm Gonna Be
  4. My Apology
  5. Spend The Night
  6. Portrait Of A Woman
  7. Cry
  8. Ooh Na Na
  9. Feelin' You
  10. Can't Wait
  11. Lust Or Love
  12. If U Want
  13. Cuttin' Me Off
  14. Another Life
  15. I'm Gonna Be
  16. Hands On You (International Bonus Track)
  17. Baby It's You (US Bonus Track)
  18. Apple Pie (US Bonus Track)

The Lost Files (2009)Edit

Donell Jones - The Lost Files
The Lost Files
  1. Free
  2. Superman
  3. Badboy
  4. Marry Me
  5. Forever
  6. Sergeant Louise
  7. I'm Gonna Be (Reggae Remix)
  8. Azzville
  9. Groove On
  10. Allnight
  11. Stressin'

Lyrics (2010)Edit

Donell Jones - Lyrics
  1. The World Is Yours
  2. Your Place
  3. Love Like This
  4. Imagine That
  5. Backdoor
  6. Blackmail
  7. All About The Sex
  8. Stripclub
  9. What's Next
  10. You Can Burn
  11. The Finer Things In Life
  12. Just A Little
  13. Oh How I Wonder

Forever (2013)Edit

Donell Jones - Forever
  1. New Beginning
  2. Forever
  3. Closer I Get To You
  4. Beautiful
  5. Don't Blame Me
  6. You Know
  7. I Miss The King
  8. Sorry I Hurt You
  9. Ride This
  10. Step The Fuck Off
  11. I'm So Gone
  12. A Mother's Love

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Cool On You
  2. Do What I Gotta Do
  3. Girl's Friend
  4. I Wanna Love U
  5. I'll Go
  6. It's So Hard
  7. Knocks Me Off My Feet (Remix)
  8. Lovin' U
  9. My Gift To You
  10. September Love
  11. Shut U Down
  12. Think About It
  13. U Make Me Feel
  14. When You Love Someone
  15. Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be), Part 2
  16. You Didn't
  17. You Know What's Up
  18. You Make Me Say
  19. You Should Know (Untouchables Remix)

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