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She Never Knew Me

This song is by Don Williams and appears on the album Harmony (1976).

(Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield)

She packed up her suitcase
And walked to the door
She said she won't come back
Like she's done before
I'll bet she's in Dallas
Before it gets dark
I know she's thinkin',
She's breakin' my heart.

She knows I love her
But she thinks I'll crawl
But she never knew me
She never knew me
She never knew me, at all.

She knows I love her
I know I need her
God knows to please her
I've tried, and I've tried.

By now if I know her
She's changed her mind
She'll pull off the highway
And have a good cry.

And then like a lost child
She'll wanna come home
She thinks I'm waitin'
There by the phone.

She'll stop in some cafe
And give me a call
But she never knew me
She never knew me
She never knew me, at all...

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