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This song is by Don Walker.

Louise, when I first saw you
All the dreams that I had lost came true
Louise, we fell in love, so hard
And it was all too easy doing what we used to do

Kissing the layers of old betrayals goodbye
Telling each other, yeah, this is real
A love indestructible, never to die
We believed a man and a girl
Could out stand the rest of the world
Louise, it's such a beautiful lie

There ain't nothing, Louise
Ever stays the same
That's just the way it is
There ain't no one to blame

Louise, I know the dream's run down
And it may be all too easy
To go and find another game but someday, baby
You'll have to turn around and try

Ah Louise, maybe still we've got
More in common than a wandering eye
I once believed and still do
That all I'd ever need was you

Louise, it's such a beautiful lie
There's nothing else going
Nothing else around that flies
Louise, it's such a beautiful lie

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